Pest Control

Assured Environmental Services can respond swiftly and discreetly to attend to your problem for you, whether you are a household, food factory or dairy farm. We provide a remedy to control the pest as well as advising on proofing and “housekeeping measures” that can help prevent it from happening again.

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Wildlife & Habitat Management

Dealing with widespread problems that are created by large populations of pests in rural areas is a specialised field to work in. It is not the same as “mainstream pest control”. Assured Environmental Services have the equipment to work in what are often both remote and rugged environments.

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Weed Control

Assured Environmental Services provide control of weeds & invasive plants. We can detail a scheduled timetable of treatments to ensure full control of weeds in most areas. These may include: total control in amenity areas & areas of tree planting; selective weed control with hand held applicators.

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Pest Species - The pests that we specialise in...

Assured Environmental Services

Assured Environmental Services carries out reliable and effective Pest Control from its two Depots in Gisburn, Lancashire and Penrith, Cumbria.  We work as far up as the Borders in Scotland and down as far as Liverpool and Manchester.  We carry out domestic, as well as agricultural pest control and also carry out a lot of work around the Waste Industry especially for rodent and fly control.  Alongside of this, we carry out work for large food processors and packers which includes the exacting job of carrying out pest control for BRC registered premises.

Emergency Callouts

The emergency callout side of our work covers many pest species including rats, mice, wasps, ants, bees, bedbugs, fleas, squirrels, moles and all other crawling and flying insects.

We also supply electric fly killer units of both the killing grid and sticky board variety.

Service Agreements

We provide Service Agreements for all manner of businesses and households. Our aim is to tailor them around a customer’s needs to ensure that we keep on top of the possibility of problems arising with particular pests stated on the agreement.  We work around your needs, life or business to fit visits in when they are most convenient or discreet for the customer.

We work in Lancashire, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Liverpool and the Scottish Borders